Baby hedgehog

Bébé hérisson dans les mains, parc Fantassia

But what curious little beast is walking this morning in the paths of the park still empty of visitors? He is a visibly lost baby hedgehog.

Adopt me

This morning, while cleaning the park, a baby hedgehog points the tip of its nose. Not afraid at all, he lets himself be approached and even cuddled! No parent in sight. Maybe he got lost or his family abandoned him? Still, we can’t let him wander like a lost soul. Besides, he looks hungry and thirsty. So we take him to our organic vegetable garden, outside the grounds of the park and sheltered from the first visitors, sometimes turbulent, who could frighten him. Our baby hedgehog is fed cat food. And yes, these little creatures love it. Then we give him a drink.

Nid d'un bébé hérisson, parc de loisirs Fantassia

A cozy little nest

All this misadventure tired it. We make it a nest of twigs, leaves and tree bark for it to rest. In the quiet vegetable garden, baby hedgehog is already falling asleep. We hope it can nibble on some slugs and snails from the vegetable garden. They wreak so much havoc on vegetable plantations! Perhaps, during your walk, you will have the chance to observe some of our hedgehogs living in the park. Indeed, several families nest in the dead leaves of bamboo. But be careful, no sudden gestures or cries. These little beasts like peace.

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