Fantassia best wishes

Lutin et décors de Noël, meilleurs vœux du parc d'attractions Fantassia

Fantassia amusement park wishes you all the best for an enchanted year 2023, full of magic and dreams.

A Merry Christmas and…

That’s it, the elves, fairies, unicorns, dragons and all the magical creatures of the Fantassia amusement park have flown off to the land of Santa Claus. And yes, it’s almost time for gifts and especially magical moments with the family. At Fantassia Park, during the end-of-year celebrations, a lovely story is whispered. It is said that as midnight approaches on December 24, time stands still, the clocks stop ticking. Santa Claus takes off aboard his magic sleigh accompanied by his reindeer and some of his best Christmas elf brigadiers. Indeed, the distribution of gifts in homes around the world is a colossal job! Only, have you been wise?

Décor centaure, nouveauté 2023 au parc d'attractions Fantassia

…a Happy New Year 2023

Christmas is going away, a new year is just around the corner. For the Fantassia amusement park, it’s also a new season that is looming and therefore new things to prepare to delight you. Thus, in our magic workshops, beautiful decorations are also being prepared, new fantastic creatures are about to be born. It seems that the attraction of the enchanted forest is about to receive a mythical being… The answer in a future post. With that, the entire Fantassia amusement park team wishes you all the best for 2023. Above all, don’t forget to dream…

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