Spider “épeire”

Araignée épeire dans sa toile, parc Fantassia

At a bend in the path, in the dense vegetation, the witches have left choice guests. Our friends the spiders are more and more present from spring to autumn in this enchanted world.

The spiders, queens of our garden

The species most present in the park is the European garden spider, also known as the cross-bearing spider. Variety of the arachnid family, it measures up to 5 cm. Why tiara? Because she wears a triple white cross on her abdomen. Religious this spider? It weaves its web in the form of geometric designs at night and, if it gets damaged, it will completely do its work again by swallowing the remains of the old one. And yes, spider recycles. After mating, the male does not survive. Entangled in the web, the female will feed on it. Ah, Mother Nature! As for its lifespan, it is only one year.

Araignée épeire et ses œufs, parc Fantassia

Please, don’t hurt them!

The garden spider, like many spiders, is a very useful animal for the regulation of the ecosystem and therefore for humans. Indeed, it feeds on a large quantity of flies and other insects such as mosquitoes (too good!) and wasps. Caught in her web, she paralyzes them with her venom and wraps them in a cocoon of silk. When she tastes them, she does not bite them but sucks them. In the end, only a skeleton of their prey remains. So stop thinking that cobwebs are a sign of dirt. It is, on the contrary, a sign of good health of the place. Protect them!

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