The yellow pompoms are out

Flowering mimosas at Fantassia attraction Park

At the dawn of spring, the mimosas perfume the paths of the Fantassia attraction park for a few more days. The park is still closed to visitors at this time, so you won’t have the chance to admire them.

The origin of mimosa and its characteristics

A tree native to Australia, it was imported to France, initially on the Côte d’Azur. It is in this region that it is still famous and celebrated in the heart of winter, in February. However, the mimosa has become an invasive species there, particularly in the Massif du Tanneron (near Cannes) and in the Var departement. It is part of the acacia family and blooms only in winter. The cottony balls, so fragrant and pleasing to the eye, are formed by a large number of bright yellow to white stamens depending on the variety. Be careful, mimosas are sensitive to cold. This is the pure reason why we find them mainly around the Mediterranean arc.

Mimosas near the unicorn attraction at Fantassia park

Lots and lots of maintenance at Fantassia park

Thinking about hosting one in your garden? Think carefully ! Indeed, as mentioned above, it is an invasive plant. At Fantassia amusement park, it is all year round, and especially in the spring, that we tear off the thousands of rejects. Without this permanent maintenance, the park would be nothing more than a forest of mimosas, including in the paths! So, if you are not ready to give it time, it is better to observe it still in the wild during a quiet family walk.

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