Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Distorting mirror inside the labyrinth at Fantassia

Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful? A blackbird, at the labyrinth attraction at Fantassia amusement park, admires its reflection…

Caught in the act

This morning, the Fantassia amusement park wakes up quietly before welcoming its first visitors. We are doing our daily round of cleaning the place before the opening when, at the attraction of the labyrinth, we see this curious blackbird. The video below shows him in full awe in front of one of the attraction’s distorting mirrors. Just like in marvelous tales, we can believe that he wonders: “Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful?”

A winter house

Many animal species inhabit the enchanted kingdom of Fantassia. Indeed, the richness of the flora of the park has brought back and nest many birds and animals. You will therefore be able to see jays, hoopoes, swallows, squirrels, many, many pigeons and of course blackbirds during this period. In this unusual scene, the blackbird seems attracted by its reflection in this magic mirror. But it is above all a nest to spend the night there, especially in winter. Under an alcove, the mirror is sheltered from the wind and the cold. So, if in addition we can admire ourselves on waking up!

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