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Fantassia attraction park personalized keyring

“The visit was so good!!!”, said the young boy to his parents. Why not take some of the magic of the Fantassia amusement park with you? Keyrings, cups and park magnets are on sale at the shop.

A few articles to start

It is true that the current choice is limited. Thus, for the moment, we only offer posters, magnets, key rings and cups with the image of our leisure park. Take the magnets and you can admire our dragon on your fridge! Or, take our keychain and you can remember the dragon and the magic keys of Fantassia Park. Take our goblet and you will drink to the health of the dragon! In short, small collection of personalized products from Fantassia but great satisfaction at reasonable prices. Of course, our souvenir shop also presents articles and figurines on the magical theme without being in the image of the park. Thus, unicorns, dragons, fairies, elves, etc. in plastic and also more fragile will please you just as much.

Fantassia attraction park dragon magnet

Products to develop

Ideas are not lacking in the Fantassia amusement park. Small family team, we realize all the decorations of the park and also respond to the impeccable maintenance of the magical kingdom. It is therefore obvious that the souvenirs of our shop cannot be entirely our achievements. It would take us far too long. However, little by little we are adding a touch of the park to take away as a gift. And maybe, one day, we’ll even create custom figurines. In any case, it is planned to have more personalized products from Fantassia!

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