The traveling stones

Traveling stone with flowers found at Fantassia attraction park

Once upon a time, there was a simple stone picked up by the sea. Its owner changed his appearance by painting animals, flowers, human beings, fantastic creatures, in short, everything that came out of his imagination. Then, the movement took. Others got into it. Once upon a time, there were the traveling stones at the Fantassia attraction park

The “Find My Stone” trend

A new trend emerged a few years ago on social networks under the hashtag #trouvemongalet. Surely you have heard of it. Thus, all you have to do is decorate a simple pebble by painting it as you wish and then hide it in nature. Indeed, the goal is to make it travel. The person discovering it must, in turn, drop it off in a place of her choice. This is why some pebbles even cross the world because this phenomenon is known internationally. At the Fantassia amusement park, a few traveling stones have already been unearthed under the vegetation or among the magical settings.

Panda traveling stone found at Fantassia attraction park

At the bend of a path

This year again, the traveling stones are making their appearance in the Fantassia amusement park. Sometimes signed by the creator, other times anonymous, we have at heart to make them travel in our turn if we are the lucky finders. Thus, one of them traveled near Mougins, in the Alpes Maritimes, during a walk in the forest of Fontmerle. However, let’s hope it doesn’t stay long under the foliage. Whatever, a photo of the place is always published on social networks in order to guide those interested in their quest for the pebble!

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