World disability day

Logo tourism and motor, physical and auditory disabilities at Fantassia Park

On Monday 9 October, it is world disability day. At Fantassia park, it is not a day but the whole season that we welcome disabled people with pleasure.

Fantassia, certified tourism and disability

Since its opening, in July 2003, the whole Fantassia park team has been working for sustainable development. Much more than a concept, it’s even written in our DNA. Indeed, we are committed to preserving our environment for the well-being of all our visitors. Whether you are a child, grandparent, parent or even disabled, you are welcome in our enchanted kingdom. Provided, of course, to have kept your child’s soul!
We take advantage of this world disability day to remind you that our amusement park is perfectly adapted to those unfortunately affected. Indeed, we have obtained the label tourism and physical and motor disability. If you are a disabled person or have a loved one, we will make you smile again in the land of tales and legends. The dream is for everyone.

Amusement park accessible to people with disabilities

Adapted attractions, landscaped walkways

The whole walk was designed for the well-being, also, of people with disabilities.
Thus, very wide paths are present throughout the visit and the path is completely flat in stabilized surface.
All attractions are accessible including the labyrinth.
Many benches accompany you during the visit, do not hesitate to relax.
Finally, adapted parking and toilets are available. You can even enjoy an ice cream or a cool drink on our wooden terrace.
Forget your disability for a few hours and let the magic happen.

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