The amusement park of tales and legends in the Pyrénées-Orientales

Witch and book of fairy tales, unicorns, dragons at Fantassia attraction park

Time comes to a standstill in the Fantassia attractions park near Perpignan in Occitanie, it’s time for dreams. Meet unicorns, dragons, fairies, elves and so many other mythical creatures.
A 2-hours walk for all those who haven’t lost their child’s soul.
Observe, search, get caugh up in the game and experience a magical moment in the midst of unique settings and a preserved nature !

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Here, at Fantassia amusement park, there are no rides or thrills.
We are : a small structure, a passionate family.
We are looking for : Muggles* wishing to disconnect from technology for a moment of sharing, a moment out of time. Ready for the adventure ?

* it’s you and all people without magical powers

Animated dragon at the dragon's lair attraction at fantassia

The history of Fantassia amusement park

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Guy, creator of the Fantassia amusement park

A child’s soul

Created 20 years ago by the all-consuming passion of one man, Fantassia attraction park is a family adventure, a dream of a lifetime…

An enchanted walk and observation games in a preserved nature

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At the Fantassia amusement park, we are committed to preserving our environment. Everything here was planted by us, everything grows with love. We do not use any pesticides. Thus, you will walk among mimosas, pines, laurels, privets, in short, a Mediterranean vegetation to meet statues of dragons, unicorns, fairies,…

Botanical trail in Fantassia entertainment park
Puzzle game at Fantassia entertainment park

Of course, your imagination is called upon but also your spirit of adventure! Treasure hunts, puzzles, observation games, for all ages, take you on funny adventures. So, will you be able to foil the witches’ spell in the enchanted forest by solving the 7 puzzles? Or find the 7 magic keys of Merlin the Enchanter, including the one of dreams?…

We don’t have a snack bar but we invite you to extend your relaxation by bringing your snack or picnic. So, sit down in our designated areas and let the magic happen. At the Fantassia amusement park, near Perpignan (66) in Occitanie, you can only return to your childhood.

Picnic area at Fantassia attraction park

Prepare your visit in Fantassia park

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Ready for the adventure ? Here are the prices of adult and child tickets to the Fantassia amusement park

Want to know more ? Check all rates, schedules and access to the Fantassia amusement park

Discover our Fantassia attraction park

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Come on a magical journey. Discover 7 enchanted worlds in an exceptional botanical environment, shaded and with sound system.
The Fantassia amusement park in Occitanie promises you stars in the eyes…

White unicorn at Fantassia amusement park

The forest of the unicorns

Life-size unicorns but also mythical creatures from famous fantasy films ....

Monkey puppets at the Magic Circus automatons attraction at Fantassia Park

The Magic Circus

A show of puppets and circus automatons awaits you under the big top. Press the buttons to animate the scenes...

The miniature fairy world at the Gulliver attraction in Fantassia Park


A small world where patience is required to observe and search for dragons, unicorns, fairies,...

Elf and volcano at the Enchanted Forest attraction in Fantassia Park

The Enchanted Forest

This shaded attraction, with sound system and surrounded by Mediterranean plants, contains a multitude of magical stories...

Fantassia park labyrinth overview

The maze

A maze for the whole family! Come closer, don't be afraid to enter this labyrinth to meet the magical beings of Fantassia park...

Pirate scenery at Fantassia Park's Lost Island attraction

The lost island

A paradise island… On board! The pirates land on the island of the mermaids. Could the kingdom of dreams be threatened ?

Dragon and treasure of the Dragon's Lair attraction at Fantassia Park

The dragon's lair

Dragon and fairies populate this lair. An impressive decor, sometimes even frightening for the youngest...

Reviews from visitors

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Because you are our best ambassadors, your warm opinions help us to make the park more magical

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