Fantassia park history

Dragon on books illustrating the history of Fantassia amusement park
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Once upon a time...

The history book opens in 2001

Above all, this is the dream of a lifetime, explains its founder, Guy. As the matter of fact, almost a childhood dream. As the result, Guy will involve in his passion his wife Françoise and his two daughters Aude and Aurore. At first they head south. Then, the whole little family finds itself in Théza, a small village located in the Pyrénées-Orientales near Perpignan in Occitanie.

First of all,

it will be necessary to acquire 5 hectares of land (12.5 acres). Secondly, build the Fantassia park on one of these plots. Thirdly, last but not least, never run out of ideas. The history of Fantassia Park attractions is told to you. So open the book…

Land of the Fantassia park before completion of the path and decorations


Transform wasteland into an extraordinary garden

On a former poultry farm, the structure of the park is taking shape step by step. First of all, it will have been necessary to remove the cages of the animals. Secondly, return the soil. Thirdly plant thousands of trees, shrubs and plants. Finally the history of Fantassia park attractions can begin.

Opening of the Fantassia amusement park with elves and goats

July 2003

The park opens its doors to visitors

At first,

it is a zen stroll to discover animals and mischievous elves made of resin. Thus, the path of the visit took you to discover dwarf hens, guinea pigs and doves. In fact, a mini farm. Finally, some elves, of different sizes, were presented among the animals.

Creation of the scenery of the volcano in the enchanted forest at the Fantassia amusement park


First scenery of the enchanted forest

First of all, it is sun, clouds, trees with eyes which constitute the first decorations of the enchanted forest. Otherwise, they are all made of resin requiring hundreds of hours of work. Thus, they will bring life to the sprite scenes in place. Indeed, they make the places more magical.

Creation of the miniature scenes of the Gulliver attraction at Fantassia Park


Construction of models at Gulliver

At first, this building housed guinea pigs! Then, the public discovered 7 scenes of mini elves. As the years go by, fairies, miniature dragons and unicorns come to take their place there. It’s Gulliver’s small world. In addition, the lighting will be completely revised for better visibility and magic. Indeed, these decorations are very fragile and therefore to be admired under showcase.

Repair of the automatons of the circus of the Fantassia park by the creator of the amusement park


Arrival of the Magic Circus automatons

The Fantassia attractions park

wants to be more fairylike, more enchanting, to attract all dream lovers. Thus, the animals will give way to fairies, elves then dragons and unicorns will join this small community over the seasons. For example, under the Magic Circus big top, 7 automated stages with unique models present circus artists and animals accompanied by fairies, elves or even dragons.The show can start at Fantassia located near Perpignan in Occitanie.

Construction of the Labyrinth attraction at Fantassia amusement park


Creation of the maze

The maze

At first, the owners of the Fantassia attractions park designed this maze. In a second time, they built it in wood themselves, so imagine the countless number of screws, the hours of work and tendonitis as a result! However for you, the dreamers, the goal is not to get lost but rather to find the exit in a fun way. Also, let yourself be tempted by this funny labyrinth and come and discover it!

Big change in the history of the Fantassia amusement park, the Kingdom of the Elves becomes the Fantassia park


The name Fantassia was born

Then, a great novelty,

the park changed its name. Thus, “Le Royaume des Lutins” (The Kingdom of the Elves) becomes “Fantassia” the fairy park”. Also, after 7 years of development, the offer has opened up to an increasingly older public. Indeed, today, the park is very popular for 7-10 years old kids, but also for adults who have kept their child’s soul. Are you one of them? So, come visit us!

Construction of the attraction the lair of the dragon, a great novelty in the history of the Fantassia amusement park


A new attraction, the dragon's lair

So, a little thrill doesn’t hurt! Moreover, it is a must in all tales and legends. Once again, the dragon was born from the hands of the creators of the Fantassia park. So, fierce or harmless? In fact, it’s all up to you. Moreover, it is said that it never attacks those who believe in fairyland…

Creation of the magic tree at the unicorn attraction, a great novelty in the history of the Fantassia amusement park


Beautiful unicorns appear

Thus, in the old goat pen, the unicorns come to life. From then on, you will be able to see these mythical creatures at the beginning of the visit to the park. But don’t expect to be able to ride them. Indeed, they are fragile and can only be admired with the eyes. On the other hand, in dreams, everything is possible!

Creation of the pirate ship at the Lost Island attraction in Fantassia Park


Boarding !

The pirates

Finally ! the pirates have landed at the Fantassia attractions park in this year 2019. Also, as usual, they will break the tranquility of the place. Moreover, pirates also have their share of legends. This is the reason why they have their place in the park. Thus, you will meet them in the new attraction Pirate Island. See you soon !

Mermaid tail at the attraction The Lost Island of the Mermaids, a great novelty in the history of the Fantassia amusement park



Pirates never travel without mermaids. It is therefore quite natural that they come to populate the attraction “the lost island” alongside these damned buccaneers. But beware of their haunting song.

HPA loudspeaker, new background music in the history of the Fantassia amusement park


Let the music

Sound effects

Ambient music accompanies you throughout your walk and brings many attractions to Fantassia Park to life. In addition, sound effects are also added to make the scenes more lively. This is why, at the bend of a path, you may hear the song of a siren or the gallops of unicorns approaching. The Fantassia park attractions history can continue to be written…

Hippogriff at the Enchanted Forest attraction at Fantassia amusement park


The hippogriff

The magic of Harry Potter is finally there at the Fantassia leisure park in 2023. The hippogriff is entering the Enchanted Forest attraction. So when you meet him, bow down to tame him. Maybe…

To be continued...