The lost island

The lost island

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Boarding! Pirates land on mermaid island at the Lost Island attraction  at Fantassia park…

A paradise island…

Arrived on board of their ship in poor condition, the pirates crossed the seas and oceans most unleashed before landing on this lost island.
They rub shoulders with magnificent and formidable mermaids, these fantastic beings half-woman half-fish.
Legend says that the bewitching song of the sirens caused the shipwreck of the buccaneers. Is it to sow trouble in the land of dreams? Would these sirens be evil? The kingdom of magic is perhaps threatened…

Pictures of pirates and mermaids at the lost island attraction, Fantassia theme park
drawing pirate woman at the lost island attraction at fantassia park

Where can I find them in the park ?

Location map of the lost island attraction, Fantassia leisure park

Stay curious

When Fantassia park opened in 2003, the lost island was home to a pond populated by mallards, teal and black swans.
In 2019, the pirate attraction was born at Fantassia park.
Then, in 2020, mermaids make their way to pirate country. They evolve in a setting inspired by tales. Palaces, shells, mother-of-pearl were entirely made by the creators of the Fantassia park.

Pond duck at the creation of Fantassia leisure park

The pirate Black Beard

Battle of Black Beard and pirates, lost island attraction
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Did you know that ?

Sometimes known as buccaneers or buccaneers, pirates looted merchant ships but also coasts. Great explorers, they gave birth to books as well as imaginary films like “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson and the famous “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Behind the scenes

Pirates and mermaids are, once again, a unique attraction that you can discover by visiting the Fantassia park, located near Perpignan (66) in Occitanie.

Meet Jim and his sidekick, a funny bird. As Louis says “the One Eyed One” with his glass eye, it is said that he lost it by fighting a giant octopus worthy of the novels of Jules Verne. Don’t be tricked by Anne Mary, the only woman in the group. She would hide vials of poison under her skirts. Finally, the oldest of the group: Captain Stevenson and his telescope and the gunsmith Moko.

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Why don’t we have a picnic in Fantassia ?

Picnic area at Fantassia attraction park

Picnic areas

A break is necessary! Two picnic areas are available in the park. You can easily pick up your snack from the car.

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