Merlin souvenir shop

Merlin souvenir shop

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A real Ali Baba’s cave at the shop of Fantassia attractions park!
A shop populated by strange beings, books and figurines on the theme of fairyland opens its doors to you.

Open Sesame!

A desire for a gift, a crush, a bit of curiosity? For information, the Fantassia park shop near Perpignan in Occitanie is freely accessible during the park’s opening days and times.
Figurines, books, necklaces or even keychains be sure to find the item of your dreams!

Souvenir medal, figurines of dragons, fairies, unicorns at Fantassia attraction park souvenir shop
Fantassia Amusement Park Shop Gift Bags and Dragon

Where can I find it in the park ?

Location map of Fantassia leisure park souvenir shop

From pixies to fairies

Pixies and fairies: For the record, pixies are legendary creatures from British folklore. Small in stature, with pointed ears and childish in appearance, they love to dance. It is said that they will even help you with your household chores!! So make someone happy by becoming the owner of one of these endearing creatures.

Fairies: collection products, miniatures, lucky charms, these loving beings will ward off your fears. Find them a place of choice in your bedroom and so they will take you, every night, to Never Land.

Collectible fairy for sale at the Fantassia amusement park shop
Plastic dragons, fairies and unicorns on sale at the shop of Fantassia amusement park

From dragons to books

Dragons: collection or necklace, a whole range of products at various prices. In short, you will inevitably fall for one of these beings with immense powers. Indeed, it is said that their owner would be protected from bad luck…

Unicorns: whether you are small or big admirers of these creatures filled with purity, you will necessarily find a souvenir that suits you.

Books: from bedtime stories for the little ones, to fantastic legends for the older ones, including coloring books, puzzles or adventures, there will be something for all readers. Indeed, with nearly a hundred titles on display, you will be spoiled for choice.

Original and magical products

So do not hesitate any longer and welcome in Fantassia souvenir shop.
We do not sell online or by mail order the items presented in the Fantassia park shop near Perpignan (66) in Occitanie. That’s why, come and discover this exclusive choice of magical products!

Extand the discovery

Discover the 7 attractions of Fantassia leisure park

White unicorn at Fantassia amusement park

The forest of the unicorns

Life-size unicorns but also mythical creatures from famous fantasy films ....

Monkey puppets at the Magic Circus automatons attraction at Fantassia Park

The Magic Circus

A show of puppets and circus automatons awaits you under the big top. Press the buttons to animate the scenes...

The miniature fairy world at the Gulliver attraction in Fantassia Park


A small world where patience is required to observe and search for dragons, unicorns, fairies,...

Elf and volcano at the Enchanted Forest attraction in Fantassia Park

The Enchanted Forest

This shaded attraction, with sound system and surrounded by Mediterranean plants, contains a multitude of magical stories...

Fantassia park labyrinth overview

The maze

A maze for the whole family! Come closer, don't be afraid to enter this labyrinth to meet the magical beings of Fantassia park...

Pirate scenery at Fantassia Park's Lost Island attraction

The lost island

A paradise island… On board! The pirates land on the island of the mermaids. Could the kingdom of dreams be threatened ?

Dragon and treasure of the Dragon's Lair attraction at Fantassia Park

The dragon's lair

Dragon and fairies populate this lair. An impressive decor, sometimes even frightening for the youngest...

Ready for the adventure ?

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