Where have the seasons gone ?

Drought at Fantassia leisure park in Pyrénées-Orientales

In the heart of the Fantassia amusement park, where magic meets nature, a new challenge presents itself in the form of drought. A drought has unfortunately been well established in the Pyrénées-Orientales for more than a year.

Nature is suffering

Winter is wrongly named at Fantassia park at the start of 2024. The majestic trees that usually shelter enchanted creatures seem to be losing a little of their shine. Rivers, sources of life for mermaids and nymphs, are showing signs of weakness. The drought that has been affecting the Pyrénées-Orientales for several months seems interminable. The whole vegetation at Fantassia is supplied with water from the lake of Villeneuve de la Raho, 5 minutes from the park. But the reserves are gradually running out and forcing us to restrict watering.

Elf and hedgehog at the Fantassia small world attraction

Our commitments

Faced with this ordeal, the Fantassia team is taking measures to preserve the magic of our kingdom.
Thousands of drippers have been installed and deliver, a few days and hours a week, what is strictly necessary for the survival of plants.
Magical creatures, on the other hand, participate in rituals to call down rain from the heavens!
When the park will reopen in April 2024, if there is no rain, we will ask our visitors to participate in this preservation effort. Together, we will continue to write the magical history of Fantassia park for an ever more enchanted future.

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